What is Echooo?

Echooo is a next-generation AA smart contract wallet that combines MPC and AI technology and is powered by ERC-4337. Ethereum-based security mechanism and L2 lower fees help users achieve secure payment, transaction and financial management. The multi-signature mechanism ensures security while combining with Echooo's unique AI Driven technology system, the Ethereum Layer2 network greatly reduces Gas fees. Using the ERC-4337 standard, continuous optimization of account abstraction delivers a better user experience and a seamless transition for more users between Web2 and Web3.

Echooo supports the most Blockchains and protocols and is the largest AA wallet on the 2C side. AA wallet is more secure than traditional EOA wallet: EOA binds the account with the private key, and the loss of the private key means the account is lost. AA Wallet separates the account and private key. Although the private key is used to initiate transactions, the approval of transactions requires multiple signatures of AA. Even if the private key is lost, it can be replaced through social recovery, avoiding single points of failure. AA Wallet also has programmable functions, such as changing the signature ratio and setting trust addresses, further enhancing security.

But Echooo is not just a wallet, it is also an Intent-centric blockchain infrastructure designed to provide users with a one-stop, intent-oriented virtual asset management to achieve the perfect balance of asset security and liquidity.

Asset Security: Using the advanced Web3 AA wallet architecture, Echooo eliminates the single point of risk of mnemonic loss. Provides bulletproof-level protection for user assets with social recovery, multi-signature, hardware-level encryption, and multi-party computing (MPC).

Self-Custody: Self-custody is very important, but it is never easy. We ensure that users can still enjoy multi-level approvals, transaction limit management and zero gas fee transaction options comparable to traditional centralized asset managers, making it your most trusted portable self-custody vault.

Liquidity of funds: Echooo natively integrates full-chain cross-chain bridges to realize seamless transfer of full-chain assets and allow assets to flow freely.

Risk monitoring: The built-in AI intelligent security engine monitors and alarms fraud, high-risk addresses and Token operations in real time, creating a highly secure asset management environment for users.

Wallet types currently supported by Echooo

Vault wallet: AA multi-signature smart contract wallet. No mnemonic required, supports social recovery, multi-signature mechanism, trusted address list, etc., to maximize asset security; the best choice for large asset storage.

MPC wallet: An ordinary wallet. No need to save mnemonic words, sharding and encrypting the private key through the ability of encryption algorithms, and backing it up to a personal cloud account to ensure security. High transaction flexibility, the best choice for small asset storage transactions. MPC wallet has multi-party secure computing capabilities , even if a single private key sharding is lost or stolen, it can be used through the wallet private key's other sharding to restore and protect asset security. (Click to view ”What is MPC“)

Echooo features introduction

Echooo has four main feature pages: Wallet, Swap, Money Management and Mine.

On the wallet page, you can manage your multi-chain assets in one stop, check your token balance and transaction history, and experience collection, transfer, Swap, receive, send, withdrawal, NFT and other wallet functions through the shortcut entrance.

On the Swap page, you can Swap tokens and view market conditions and trend analysis of various tokens. Echooo natively aggregates full-chain DEX liquidity, and applies AI-driven routing algorithms to intelligently plan the best transaction pool and Swap rate. At the same time, it provides the function of intelligent splitting of large orders to achieve the lowest transaction cost through advanced technical architecture optimization to maximize the user's return on investment.

On the DeFi page, you can use the DeFi function to invest in tokens and earn interest. Echooo wallet supports multiple token DeFi products, and you can choose the corresponding products for investment. The yield and term of each product are different, and you can choose the product that suits you according to your needs. In addition, you can also check the distribution of your DeFi assets here, including the position, market value and income of various tokens, etc., so as to optimize the investment portfolio to maximize your income and reduce risks. Decentralized finance is the future. Through the native aggregation full-chain DeFi protocol, Echooo supports one-click Staking and single/dual currency LP liquidity DeFi, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of decentralized finance easily and quickly. At the same time, it eliminates the fraud risk of phishing DApp websites and greatly improves transaction security.

On the "My page", you can view and edit your personal information, points, coupons, security settings, backup and recovery wallets, and more. You can also view help documents for Echooo wallets and contact our customer service team.

Social recovery mechanism

Through on-chain multi-signature verification technology, users can perform wallet recovery operations through pre-set family members or friends as Guardians to ensure asset security. Currently only vaults are supported.

Multi-signature mechanism

A mechanism unique to the vault. When transactions and social recovery occur, in order to prevent malicious processing by a single Guardian, a certain percentage of Guardians need to perform multi-signature confirmation to successfully operate and ensure asset safety.

Low transaction costs

Echooo's unique AI Driven technology system greatly reduces the storage and computing resources required for operation. Combined with the Ethereum Layer2 network, on the basis of enjoying the security and ecology of the Ethereum main chain, it performs calculations off-chain and converts multiple Transactions are aggregated into a batch, sent to the Ethereum main chain through one operation, and then transaction fees are greatly reduced, up to about 1/100 of the Ethereum main network.

Multi-chain support

Echooo supports all EVM-compatible chains, as well as non-EVM chains

Supported chains: ETH, BTC, BSC, Polygon, Arbitrum, zkSync Era, Optimism, zkSync Lite, Tron

Future support chains: Base, Cosmos

Exclusive Gasless Capability

Users do not need to have native tokens (such as ETH, BNB, etc.) for gas payment, they can use other tokens for gas payment to complete the transaction. Supported currencies are: ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, and more tokens will be supported in the future.

Get Started
Download Echooo

You can search for Echooo through the Apple Store to download the iOS version.


You can search for Echooo through the Google Store to download the Android version.


For your safety, please download only through the official App store or official website and select iOS or Android.

When downloading Echooo from the Apple App Store, please look for the application developed by the developer for Echooo Labs Pte Ltd. All other Echooo applications are counterfeit. The scam routines and methods of scammers are constantly escalating. We need to improve our ability to distinguish between genuine and fake official websites to ensure that what we download is an official and genuine Echooo, and avoid asset theft caused by downloading co unterfeit products.

Create Account

Open the application after downloading, support Apple account direct registration and mobile phone/email registration, the whole process does not need to record any mnemonic or private key, Echooo Wallet will ensure the security of your private key through algorithm encryption and cloud storage technology.

  • Apple account/google drive direct registration:

Click Apple/google drive to log in - the Apple ID/google drive request page will pop up - continue - Create successfully

  • Other login methods:

Click on "Other login methods" - enter email/mobile phone number - Authenticate and log in - enter verification code - the creation is successful.

After the first login, it is recommended to set a password . In order to improve the experience, the cold start supports Face ID and fingerprint to quickly log in.

  • Set up a security verification account

When it involves high-risk scenarios such as trading or changing devices to log in, echooo will use the two-factor authentication method to verify the operator's identity in order to protect asset security. Users can bind (two-factor authentication application, email, mobile phone number) account as a verification account. When binding a verification account, the system will send a verification code to the user's login account. In order to protect user privacy, the account with Apple ID login method shows that the receiving email address is a virtual email number.

Click on my - user avatar - account & security - to bind - the login account to receive the verification code page will pop up - enter the verification code - verify and pass - bind.

Create wallet

After the account registration is successful, Echooo will create an MPC wallet for you by default on the existing chain , and the vault will be created by the user's choice. Note: Only one vault is allowed to be created on a network. mpc wallet is suitable for high-frequency trading and small transfers, vault wallet is a smart contract account with multi-signature and social recovery, suitable for secure transactions and large transfers.

  • Create a new MPC wallet:

Click on the wallet -- click on the top wallet icon -- select the chain -- click Create wallet -- MPC wallet -- enter the wallet name -- create.

  • Create a vault wallet:

Click Wallet - Vault Wallet - Enter Wallet Name - Create - Select Payment Token - Confirm Payment Method - Create Now

Note: The vault can only be created by paying a contract deployment fee (Gas fee). The payment fee is the contract deployment fee not charged by Echooo. A network is only allowed to create one vault, and smart contracts need to be deployed during the vault creation process, and the waiting time varies from network to network.

How to switch between vault wallet and MPC wallet

Click the wallet at the bottom -- click the wallet name in the upper left corner -- click the wallet chain -- select the wallet you want to switch.

Vault - Multi-Sign Settings

Multi-signature is the exclusive ability of the vault wallet and is used to protect the assets in the vault wallet. When the user conducts transactions, changes devices, and restores accounts after adding a protector, it needs a certain percentage of protectors to authorize the operation before it can be executed.

Click on the bottom wallet - select the protector - scan to add/username to add - fill in the username/email - invite immediately - wait for confirmation - the invitation is successful - pay for gas.


When receiving payment, you need to pay special attention to which chain the payer uses, and the payment address must also maintain the same chain.

Click on the bottom wallet - click Receive (confirm chain before receiving payment) - copy the address or save the QR code.


Click on the bottom wallet -- click Send -- select the token you want -- enter the address -- select the quantity -- select the Gas fee -- click Confirm.


Click Swap at the bottom - select the Token - set the slippage - Confirm.


Using the Echooo wallet, you can buy tokens with fiat currencies (such as USD, EUR, etc.). Echooo currently supports the FaTPay deposit function, and more deposit channels will be opened in the future. Users can directly make purchases through compliance channels in cooperation with the official.

Import wallet

The process of importing and exporting through mnemonics will involve the user's complete private key and increase the security risk of the account, so Echooo does not support this function.

Backup wallet

Backup wallet is a very important function to restore wallet and recovery assets. The backed wallet can restore and ensure asset security in extreme situations such as replacement of devices and loss or theft of private keys.

The security principle of backing up the wallet: Echooo uses the MPC algorithm to divide the private key into 3 pieces, you keep 2 pieces, and the system keeps 1 piece. Any two pieces can complete the transaction and private key recovery. The loss of any one piece will not affect the security of the wallet. It is recommended that you store the two pieces you hold in different personal cloud storage spaces (Google Drive/iCloud and Dropbox). At the same time, the backup files will be encrypted and stored, and authentication is required to restore the wallet. Vault Wallet also supports multi-sign social recovery in the event of loss, which completely guarantees the safety of assets.

Click My - Backup & Recovery - Back up Wallet - and select Backup Cloud Drive.

Recovery wallet

MPC wallet: It can be restored through personal cloud backup files. When changing devices or reinstalling applications, the historical backup files will be automatically obtained from the cloud after logging in to the application, and the wallet can be restored after decryption.

Vault: Social recovery is the exclusive ability of vault wallet. Whether the user remembers the original account or not, the vault wallet can be restored. Social recovery will pop up after the normal recovery fails, and the gas fee for activating the wallet will be charged by the payment contract update, which is not charged by echooo.

Click on my - recovery the wallet - enter the vault address to be recoveryd - guardian authorization - wait for 36h - pay for the gas required to start the wallet - the recovery is successful.

Note: If the recovery is unsuccessful, please contact us in the official Echooo community



Automatically sync wallet messages when switching devices to log in

Case 1: The system of the old and new devices is the same (if both are Apple system/Android system), and the Apple ID or Google ID account logged in by the old and new devices are the same: On the premise that the old device has successfully backed up the wallet private key file, when the new device is logged in, it will automatically sync messages from your iCloud/Google Drive storage space and complete wallet recovery, which can be used in the new device.

Case 2: The old and new device systems are the same, but the Apple ID or Google ID accounts are inconsistent: you can choose to switch to the same account to complete automatic synchronization or manually import the wallet private key file.

How Android and iOS enable wallet migration

The migration of Android and iOS mainly uses iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox advanced backups. On new devices, you need to download Google Drive and Dropbox and log in with the same backup account. When migrating, you need to use the same backup account to restore.

Click “Me” at the bottom -- select Back up & Recovery -- select Back up Wallet -- to open the Master and Slave backup settings.

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